Mental Health

Who's making it happen


It's clear we're facing an incredible challenging time and a student mental health crisis. At Oxford SU we're committed to actively lobbying and working closely with the collegiate University to improve student mental health for all students.

Over two thirds (74%) of 18- 24 year olds say lockdown has made their mental health worse, compared with 60% of adults. Over 4 in 5 (82%) of young people had a lower than average wellbeing score (Mind, 2020).

According to the NUS

  • Over half of students (52%) say their mental health is worse than before the pandemic.
  • 20% of students have sought support for their mental health.
  • Only 29% of those that said their mental health is worse have sought support.
  •  Of those that received support 3 in 5 were satisfied with it.
  • Over half of students found their caring duties increased during the pandemic.

We played a key role in securing the Unviersity Mental Health Taskforce and continue to work with staff across the collegaite University on this issue.

Groups we sit on:

  • University student wellbeing subcommittee: a University level groups that plans and approves the Unviersity's wellbeing services.
  • Conference of colleges welfare forum: a group of college welfare leads to share best practice.

Coming up: 

In mid-late Hilary Term 2021 we hope to provide an update and briefing on the work of the Mental Health taskforce and our next steps.