Impact Reports

Impact Report 18/19
Impact Report 17/18
Impact Report 16/17
Impact Report 15/16


Oxford SU Accounts 2016-17

Oxford SU Accounts 2017-18

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines 

Oxford SU Policy

Policy Book HT20 - The Policy Book contains Oxford SU's beliefs and aims, and agreed policies, mandates and other important resolutions or decisions.

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Governing Documents

Articles of Association - This is Oxford SU's constitution which sets out our purpose and covers key areas such as membership, the Trustee Board and Council.

Bye-Laws - Bye-Laws follow on from the Articles and deal with topics such as elections, Council, policy and campaigns.

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Regulations - Regulations set out the detail for running annual elections and referenda, and for handling related complaints.

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Rules of Student Council - These Rules provide for Council's proceedings and procedure.  Read to understand how our student council works.

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Trustees Code of Conduct- It applies to Board members and describes the behaviour expected of all trustees when concerned with the SU's functions and activities.


Oxford SU Complaints Procedure

Oxford SU Complaints Form

Oxford SU Complaints Appeal Form



Oxford SU Harassment Policy and Procedure

Oxford SU Harassment Procedure Form

Media Complaints

Oxford SU Student Media Complaints Procedure and Form


OSSL Constitution

OSSL Constitution





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