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Amber Sparks | VP Women 

Hi, I’m Amber and I’ll be VP Women this year! I’m really looking forward to engaging with and supporting students and your campaigns, and seeing how I can link in with your work. My priorities for the year are to:

  • Use the sex worker report to see how student sex workers can be supported by the sexual violence service
  • Push more colleges to adopt Gender Intelligence training and more generally stand up against transphobia within the University and the wider community
  • Work with the University to assess attainment gaps based on gender, race and class while working with students of these groups to recommend better academic support
  • Engage with student parents and push for child-friendly spaces and support
  • Look at graduate-specific issues of welfare, study and accommodation
  • Organise events by women*, minority identities and liberation groups to raise awareness of certain issues and give a platform for action

Please feel free to contact me with any queries, suggestions or issues