5th Week Trinity Term Student Council: Online Edition

How Student Council: Online Edition works

While social distancing guidelines are in place, we are moving Student Council online! It may look and feel a little different, but we’ve worked hard to ensure all students can still have their voices heard, contribute items to the agenda, stand for election, hold SU officers to account, and continue to shape the work of Oxford SU.

So, here's how it works;

Step 1: Nominations and Submitting agenda items

We still need Council roles! Nominations are open (see role descriptions below). Any student can nominate themselves for election by clicking the 'Nominate' button below or in the timeline. Never gone for one before? Now is probably the perfect time to try, so go ahead.

Agenda items can be many things: a motion to create policy, a motion to mandate an officer, a student project proposal, or a topic for general discussion. Any student may submit an agenda item by clicking the 'Submit and item' button below or in the timeline.

Step 2: Amendments

After the agenda has been published, at 5pm Friday 4th Week, all students are able to read through the items, make comments, join in the discussion, and ask questions in the comment boxes below the item content. Please do state your College and, if you wish, your pronouns when you first comment on an item.

If you find an item which you would like to suggest a change to you can submit an amendment. Any student may submit an amendment by clicking the 'submit an amendment' button in the timeline by 10am Tuesday 5th Week.

Amendments will be sent to the proposer of the agenda item and they may choose to get in contact with you to discuss. By 5pm Tuesday 5th Week the proposer will have taken the amendment as either 'Friendly' or 'Hostile'.

Friendly means changes are immediate, hostile requires a vote to determine whether the changes will be made to the agenda item. Voting on amendments will be 10am - 5pm Wednesday 5th Week and only Common Room delegates, SU Campaign delegates, Divisional Representatives, and SU Sabbatical Officers are able to vote.

Step 3: Reports and questions

SU Sabbatical Officers, Divisional Representatives, and SU Campaigns will all be submitting written, and were possible video, reports. These reports will be linked to from the agenda below at 10am Tuesday 5th Week. Any student may ask questions by posting a comment in the comments section of the report.

The timetable for reports is shown in the table below

  1st Week 3rd Week 5th Week 7th Week
SU Sabbatical Officers All All All All
SU Campaigns Disabilities Campaign,
LGBTQ+ Campaign
Women's Campaign,
Class Act Campaign
International Students' Campaign,
It Happens Here
Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE),
Suspended Students' Campaign
Divisional Representatives MPLS UG,
Social Sciences UG,
Social Sciences PG
Medical Sciences UG,
Medical Sciences PG
Humanities UG,
Humanities PG

Nominations for elections in council will also be published in the agenda below at 10am Tuesday 5th Week. Any student may ask questions of the candidate by commenting the comment section of their nomination.

Step 4: Motions and Elections

Finally, 10am - 23:50pm on Thursday 5th Week voting for motions and elections will open. Only Common Room delegates, SU Campaign delegates, Divisional Representatives, and SU Sabbatical Officers are able to vote.


Results - Motions

Representing Student Member Voted
Sabbatical Officers VP Access & Academic Affairs, Ray Williams On leave
SU President, Anisha Faruk
VP Women, Amber Sparks
VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities, Roisin McCallion
VP Charities & Community, Kaya Axelsson
VP Gradutes, Neil Misra
Divisional Reps Nikita Ma
Amira Kazi
Edward Keene
Bronwyn Gavine
Rebecca Colquhoun
Alexander Grassam-Rowe
Benjamin Fernando
Meaghan Thumath
Disabilities Campaign Tiri Hughes
Eleanor Redpath
Eve Hulbert
Women's Campaign Evie Fleck
Alison Hall
Class Act Safa Sadozai
Sofia Henderson
Bryony Toon
CRAE Wesley Ding
Hamza Rana
Oliver Binns
LGBTQ+ Campaign Edith Genty
Leo Gillard
Jade Calder
International Students Campaign Benjamin Chuah
Suspended Students Campaign Vacant
It Happens Here Campaign Clara Riedl-Riedenstein
Balliol JCR Dhruv Sengupta
Cerian Richmond Jones
Balliol MCR Thomas Hancock
Mirko Vintar
Soren Gammelgaard
Blackfriars JCR Vacant
Brasenose HCR Jennifer Herrmann
Colton Wade
Brasenose JCR Pierce Jones
Alfred Bullus
Geneva Roy
Campion Hall MCR Lucinda Armstrong
Matthew Dunch
Joseph Simmons
Christ Church GCR Oliver Karnbach
Linnea Drexhage
Mark Ijspeert
Christ Church JCR Nicholas Stone
Jarnail Atwal
Corpus Christi JCR Eugenie Nevin
Edward Hart
Emily Simpson
Corpus Christi MCR Faseeha Ayaz
Christos-Stavros Konstantopoulos
Alma Chapet--Batlle
Exeter JCR William Dobbs
Exeter MCR Matthias Brickel
Laurence Mckellar
Green Templeton GCR Magdalena Plesa
Carlos Outeiral
Penelope Cornwall
Harris Manchester JCR Karlok Pang
Scott Buchanan
Jennifer Qiao
Harris Manchester MCR Robin Hanford
Hertford JCR Rebecca Simpson
Benjamin Tutt
Hertford MCR Samuel East
Matthew Lloyd
Catherine Jenkinson
Jesus JCR Benjamin Longfield
Mingfang Zhang
Jesus MCR Isobel Patterson
Jonathan Campbell
Lisa Zillig
Keble JCR Annie Johnson
Edward Flewitt
Keble MCR Annie Welden
Kevin Wang
Kellogg MCR Dominique Fortes
Lady Margaret Hall JCR Bobby Taylor
Cherelle Malongo
Lady Margaret Hall MCR Luke Botting
Lucia Staronova
Serene Siow
Linacre CR Sameer Bhat
Simone Moriconi
Valentin Darre
Lincoln JCR Amy Dunning
Edward Jones
Lincoln MCR Nuno Pereira
Magdalen JCR Daisy Jowers
Magdalen MCR Lucy Baehren
Mansfield JCR Beth Gilmour
Mansfield MCR John Wilkinson
Philip Sivyer
Franziska Brandmann
Merton JCR Christopher Mcgarry
Lucy Buxton
Merton MCR Christopher Mcgarry
Lucas Haugeberg
New JCR Joshua Attwell
Emily Millard
Isobel Cook
New MCR Steffen Ridderbusch
Malina Graf
Russell Buchanan
Nuffield JCR Angus Groom
Ruairi Maguire
Oriel JCR Joshua Behr
Kate Whittington
Oriel MCR Eleanor Thomson
Pembroke JCR Maggie Wang
Peter Corti
Ryan Fincham
Pembroke MCR Cillian Brophy
Regent's Park JCR Nicholas Crompton
Santiago Bedoya
Deia Russell-Smith
Regent's Park MCR Andrea Carrabia
Somerville JCR Talisha Ariarasa
Lore Sturmy
Somerville MCR Gaurav Dubey
Ashrakat Elshehawy
Kaelyn Apple
St Anne's JCR Sanaa Mughal
St Anne's MCR Toby Parker
Lise Cazzoli
St Antony's GCR Kushal Sohal
Joshua Parker Allen
St Benet's JCR Keith Plummer
Poppy Atkinsongibson
George Weir
St Catz JCR Thomas Mckeown
Weronika Lurka
Emma Weitzman
St Catz MCR Henrique Aguiar
Chloe Colson
Peerce Mcmanus
St Cross SRC Teele Palumaa
Chloe Agar
Stevan Veljkovic
St Hilda's JCR Georgina Findlay
Ralph Carro
St Hilda's MCR Amanda Lyons
St Hugh's JCR Gerard Ohanlon
Rebeka Shipkolye
Ruby Potts
St Hugh's MCR Alex Brandts
St John's JCR Amelia Holt
Emmet Oleary
Philip Fernandes
St John's MCR Christopher Durso
Maja Friedemann
Adam Packer
St Peter's JCR Henry Proudfoot
Jacek Sagatowski
Vincent Fideli
St Peter's MCR Joshua Bamford
St Stephen's House MCR Luke Demetri
Michael Dixon
Thomas Cotterill
Teddy Hall JCR Benjamin Penny
James Mann
Terry Kwofie
Teddy Hall MCR Frederik Soerensen
The Queen's JCR Harriet Bates
Arthur Tang
The Queen's MCR Nousheen Zoarder
Sean Telford
Nadia Haworth
Trinity JCR Conrad Kunadu
Charlotte Gould
Clare Rawlingson
Trinity MCR Eilidh Macfarlane
James Green
University JCR Lydia Khechine
Euan Huey
Emilie Olufsen
University WCR Judy Sayers
Tim Hofstetter
Odysseas Archontikis
Wadham SU Alasdair Leeding
Louisa Broeg
Shadi Hadj-Youssef
Wolfson MCR Minhui Wei
Worcester JCR Ellen Flower
Hannah Powell
Vihan Jain
Worcester MCR Johann Go
Wycliffe Hall MCR Jonathan Price
Edward Keene




Deadline to submit an agenda item

Thu 21st May (4th Week) | 13:00

Agenda published

Fri 22nd May (4th Week) | 17:00

Deadline to submit amendments

Tue 26th May (5th Week) | 10:00

Deadline for reports and election nominations

Tue 26th May (5th Week) | 10:00

Deadline for amendment reponses

Tue 26th May (5th Week) | 17:00

Voting on amendments opens

Wed 27th May (5th Week) | 10:00

Voting on amendments closes

Wed 27th May (5th Week) | 17:00

Voting on final motions opens

Thur 28th May (5th Week) | 10:00


Voting on final motions closes

Thur 28th May (5th Week) | 23:59