The Plan 

The Transformation Plan will be underpinned by a number of in-depth reviews of the following areas of the students’ union and how we work. We’ll also be looking at lots of previous reviews (including the University’s review in to the SU) and recommending changes to the Union’s Trustee Board. 


This part of the review will look at student governance, how we support students to make decisions and how we engage specific groups of people such as minoritised students and Colleges. It will look at things like the role of Student Council in decision making and how students can influence the direction and work of the SU. 

Elected Officer Effectiveness: 

This part of the review will look at things such as Officer roles, how they are supported to do a good job and what good accountability and scrutiny looks like.  

Representation & Advocacy: 

This part of the review will look at how we gather information about students and how we effectively use the University’s governance structures to represent and advocate on behalf of students. 

Relationship Management: 

This part of the review will look at how we build relationships with key University stakeholders and specifically deciding how we ‘ll engage with Colleges and the local community more effectively. 

Organisational Governance: 

This part of the review will look at how decisions are made internally. How we balance the outputs of our democratic procedures with our duties as a charitable organisation and how we become a more effective and sustainable organisation. 

People & Culture: 

We want to be an inclusive and effective organisation that can recruit and retain the best staff to deliver our plans. This part of the review will develop a clear structure and plan for delivery going forward. 

Financial Sustainability: 

We are a charity, and we rely heavily on the University for funding. This part of the review will look at how we can balance our grant income with income generation opportunities and work with the Colleges and University to ensure that the SU is delivering and demonstrating value for money. 

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