After a temporary pause, we are pleased to confirm that Oxford SU's Advice Service will be accepting new cases from Tuesday 28th May. 

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Student Advice FAQs

What is the su advice service?

Oxford SU Student Advice is a free, independent, and confidential information and advice service. Student Advice works to empower students by giving them the information they need in order to navigate difficult situations and make the decisions that are right for them. Student Advice is staffed by experienced and trained staff who aim to provide clear information and realistic advice and who constantly strive to develop and maintain best practice standards across the Service

who can access the advice service?

The service is available to all matriculated and non-matriculated students at the University of Oxford. This also includes: students who are on a year out or whose student status has been suspended, students who have been sent down by the University who wish to appeal within the permitted time limit, and ex-students engaged in complaints or appeals procedures dating one year from receipt of the Close of Procedure letter from College or the University

what services does the su advice service offer?

Advice: we aim to outline the range of options available to you, the possible outcome(s) and to support you in your decision

Information: we aim to offer you appropriate and accurate information

Proof-reading documents: We will read and comment on draft documents. This includes complaints, appeals, or other documents you may need to submit to your college or the university.

Accompanying you: we can accompany you to meetings with your college or the University. We will need 72 business hours notice to do this and to meet with you at least 24 hours before the meeting.

Referrals: We can help you find further support or help, within the university or outside of it, if you need a level of support that is beyond what we can provide.

how do i get in touch with the su advice service?

To get in contact with the advice service please email us at