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Oxford SU BSL Introductory Course
28th November 2pm - 3pm
Christ Church Research Centre
This term, the SU is funding an introductory BSL course, taught by Cotswold Signing instructor Lianne Ranson. 'Introduction to BSL' teaches learners to communicate confidently with deaf people in the production and understanding of sign language.
Oxford SU Workshop on Running College Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns
28th November 5pm - 7pm
Workshop on Fossil Fuel Divestment.
Student Council 1st Week Hilary Term 2023 Student Council
17th January 5:30pm - 18th January 1pm
Student Council 3rd Week Hilary Term 2023 Student Council
31st January 5:30pm - 3rd February 6pm
Student Council 5th Week Hilary Term 2023 Student Council
13th February 5:30pm - 17th February 6pm
Student Council 7th Week Hilary Term 2023 Student Council
27th February 5:30pm - 3rd March 6pm