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St. John Ambulance

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St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity, and we provide first aid training. We then allow...

Event First Aider

This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date.

Benefits to self

Learn how to do first aid, and get the opportunity to provide first aid cover for events such as Notting Hill Carnival.

Benefits to others

By providing first aid cover to others, you will help them through their difficulties, either by resolving their difficulties, or hastening them to hospital.

Hours per week

1.5 hours training a week (Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm). Once trained, you can then sign up to events in addition.

Training information

We spend an hour and a half discussing and practicing first aid. Free tea, coffee, and biscuits!


Education centre in Churchill Hospital (see https://goo.gl/maps/e7fx7gF7mDqrVPgv8 , and https://www.ouh.nhs.uk/hospitals/churchill/documents/ch-hospital-sitemap.pdf we are in the room by the chapel

Accessibility Information

The venue is entirely accessible. However, to volunteer with St John Ambulance in this capacity as a first aider, you need to be able to do 2 minutes of chest compressions upon a patient. This is tested upon a dummy.
  • Placement LengthFlexible, On-Going, Termly
  • LocationNational, Oxford City, Oxford College, Oxford University, Oxfordshire
  • Area of InterestElderly, Health

Employability skills

  • Team Work 0
  • Communication 0
  • Problem Solving 0
  • Planning/Organisation 0
  • Leadership 0
  • Positive attributes 0
  • Reflection 0