Key information

Suspension is a process agreed on an individual case by case basis between the student and their College or Department. The process usually starts with a conversation between the student and the Senior Tutor of the College, the Supervisor, Tutor for Graduates or Director of Graduate Studies, but it is worth checking your College/course/project handbook for the suspension process relevant to you. For DPhil students, your supervisor is almost always a good starting point. If you are unsure where to start, feel free to ask us.

Your College/Department may want to know what your reasons for suspension are as well as what you might be doing with the time. Conditions for a student's suspension (such as access to College grounds and facilities, contact with academic staff etc) are usually agreed ahead of the suspension starting. It is important that you are happy with all the terms of your suspension and return before you agree as it may be hard to change these terms once they have been agreed.

How Student Advice can help

We can arrange an appointment with you to chat through your options. All our Student Advice appointments are fully confidential. An appointment does not commit you to a decision about suspension. It is fine to have the appointment and then choose to do nothing.

We can offer practical support on next steps you decide to take. We can talk to you about options offered to you by your College/Department.

We can read and comment on draft emails and statements you write.

We can attend meetings with you if we have availability and you give us two working days notice.

We can arrange a Talk-It-Through Appointment with you. This is a space to talk through the different things you could do and the consequences of each step.

With your written permission, we can initially approach your College/Department with you or on your behalf and open a dialogue about suspension for you.




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