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Danial Hussain forSU President-Image of Danial Hussain smiling in a suit.An Oxford that works for everyoneHi! I’m Danial (he/him) and I’m honoured to be running to be your SU President. Being at Oxfordfor me is a surreal experience that I’m incredibly grateful for. I grew up in a single-parenthousehold in Bradford, schooled at the local state-comprehensive. After getting the dreamopportunity to be on theFoundation Year at LMHandthen become a student here, I’ve alwaysendeavoured to give back to those who come from underprivileged backgrounds like me. It’swhy I got involved with the SU Class Act Club and the University Labour Club and it’s why Iwant to lobby the University to bridge college disparities which impact the most marginalisedstudents. People may say the SU is unsalvageable. In the current system, they may be right.But I think, under my leadership and through fundamental reforms, it can change.Let’s buildan Oxford that works for everyone.An Oxford that reduces College Disparities. Centralisehardship funds. Standardise welfare, rustication/suspension, and disabilities policies across the university. Reduce inter-collegiatefinancial disparities, specificallyhall and rentthrough the JRAMmechanism.Compile rent and sustainability datafrom all collegesfor negotiating efforts. Start rentnegotiations training in michaelmas.An Oxford that represents all communities. MandatoryBAME and Class Fresher Workshopsat allcolleges and offer to student societies. Connect MCR’s better to facilitate collective action. Host events and activities during the vacations for those who live in Oxford all year round. Introduce anAccess Norrington Tablewhich reflectsthe state-school/private school dividealongside academic success. Pressure colleges to gonet-zeroin line with universitystrategy. Lobby forgender-neutraltoilets. IncreaseSTI testingAn Oxford that prioritises welfare. ProvideSU buses for club nightsso no one has towalk home alone (has been done before!). Create amental health support networkfor thoseon year abroad, suspended or rusticatedas well as support outside of term-time. Lobby forreading week. Ensure all colleges do not useNDA’sAn Oxford with a Transparent and Efficient SU. Provide an extensivefinancial reportthat highlightswhatyour SU money is spent onandbring in powers for students to influence what the SU spends its money on.. Make it easier for societies to book rooms through the SU. Encourage SU campaigns to engage and collaborate more with related student societies,through events and funding