Event Description

Workshop: Singing together; apart: drama and medieval chant (Bodleian Libraries)

Mon 14 June 2021 17:00-18:00, Online

Gregorian chant is an ancient communal song tradition, much loved for its calming, meditative feel – but we are increasingly appreciating its dramatic and even emotional aspects. This workshop will showcase a play performed in medieval Wienhausen (the Wienhäuser Osterspiel), a Middle Low German drama focusing on Mary Magdalene. As both audience members and actors, you will learn to sing the classic Easter sequence hymn 'Victimae paschali laudes' ('Praises to the paschal victim') and see how it formed part of a medieval play. No experience of singing, music reading, or ancient languages required - and from the comfort of your own home, no strangers can hear you!

Singing together, apart: drama and medieval chant | Visit the Bodleian Libraries (ox.ac.uk)