Event Description

Free meditation workshop

Mon 30 April 2018 13:00-14:00, Oxford SU

Come join Will Wiliams Meditation  for a free workshop to help learn skills and technqies on meditation. 

This session will give a quick background to meditation and the science behind it and how we can use it to our long lasting benefit. The workshop is designed to provide those who go along with everything they need to continue on their own.

Meditation helps combat exam stress, improves reading stamina and retention, as well as boosts overall well-being. The form of meditation we teach is a very simple, non-denominational and non-sectarian practical approach that students can use for as long as they find it beneficial.

A high quality, simple meditation technique that enables every individual present to experience deep relaxation. An opportunity to discuss the issue of stress and anxiety in a friendly and fun group setting.

You can find out more at, https://www.willwilliamsmeditation.co.uk/ 

Space is limited to 50 so make sure you book now.