Event Description

5th Week MT18 Student Council

Wed 07 November 2018 17:30-19:30, Worcester College, Nash Room

Elections In Council

The Elections Committee (x3) plays a crucial role in ensuring the SU Annual Elections are run fairly and properly. This means making rulings on the use of Social Media and mailing lists during campaigning, the grouping of candidates into slates, and much more.

The Steering Committee (x2) is responsible for making sure the business of Student Council is legal and appropriate. They look over the motions submitted by Students, steering them for consultation if needed, and compiling the agenda.

The Scrutiny Committee (x2) are elected at the start of Michaelmas Term to serve for the entirety of the academic year. Their job is to interview the Sabbatical Trustees, review the Sabbatical Trustees work and scrutinise them on behalf of Student Council. Once a term the Scrutiny Committee presents Student Council with a report and recommendations for the Sabbatical Team.

The Rules Committee (x3) is an important University Committee responsible for making regulations for student conduct, including the regulations concerning behaviour after examinations, rowing on the river, and clubs, sports, societies, and publications. The Committee meets once in Hilary Term and has two spaces for graduate students and three for any student. (Currently two graduate spaces and one any student space available)

Nominations Committee (x3) provides an exciting opportunity to be involved in the recruitment of our external trustees. Oxford SU has a Trustee Board (made up of 4 externals, 6 sabbaticals and 3 students) which is responsible for providing strategic direction of the organisation and ensuring we manage our finances and risks appropriately. Your role on the committee would include determining the criteria for potential candidates and the procedure through which they will be appointed. Nominees will be put forward to Council and so you will be undertaking an advisory role for Council.

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