Event Description

7th Week TT19 Student Council

Wed 12 June 2019 17:30-19:00, Keble College, Arco Griffiths Room

Submit a Motion

From Thursday 5th Week we'll be accepting motions for 7th Week Student Council. You can create SU Policy, start a Project, suggest an item for discussion or mandate a sabbatical officer to take action on an issue you care about.


Elections in Council

We're looking for students to fill the following council roles. Nominations close on Tuesday 7th Week at 1pm:

Chair of Student Council The Chair of Council is responsible for the smooth running of the meeting from organising the agenda to directing discussions in the meeting. We will elect for the post in 7th week Student Council to serve in Michaelmas Term 2019.  

Steering Committee (x2) The Steering Committee is made up of the two elected Steering Committee officers, the President and the Returning Officer. Their job is to look over the motions submitted to Council to ensure the are written in accordance with the Rules of Council, are not illegal and do not require steering to another committee first. Also, should an All-Student Consultation be required, the Steering Committee are responsible for deciding how it will run.

Returning Officer The Returning Officer is responsible for all things to do with Elections and voting. In Council they look after the electronic voting pads. During the Annual Elections they chair the Elections Committee, handle complaints and count the results!

Once you've nominated, come along to the 7th Week Student Council meeting to talk about why you'd be a good fit.


Meeting Documents

Amended Access Vision .doc version | .pdf version 
Suspended Students' Campaign Report .doc version | .pdf version
UG Humanities Divisional Representative .doc version | .pdf version
PG Humanities Divisional Representative .doc version | .pdf version 
Appendix A - NUS Affiliation .doc version | .pdf version
Appendix B - Oxford SU Budget (Unavailable until MT19)
Appendix D - SU Election Slates Final Draft .doc version | .pdf version
Appendix E - TSHA Free Library Project Proposal .doc version | .pdf version
Appendix F - British Sign Language Project Proposal .doc version | .pdf version
Appendix G - Lapsing Policies .doc version | .pdf version
Returning Officer Report .doc version | .pdf version
Student Trustee Report .doc version | .pdf version 
SU Presidents Report .doc version : .pdf version 
Scrutiny Committee Report .doc version | .pdf version