This guide serves as a testament to the remarkable charitable endeavors undertaken by students, staff, and organizations across Oxford. It is a compilation of impactful initiatives, inspiring stories, and invaluable resources designed to support, encourage, and amplify the spirit of philanthropy within and beyond our campus.

Charity lies at the heart of our collective mission to create positive change in the world. Oxford University's legacy of academic excellence is beautifully complemented by the dedication of its members to address societal challenges, extend a helping hand, and foster a culture of social responsibility. Within the pages of this guide, you'll discover a diverse array of charitable organisations, student-led projects, and volunteering opportunities.

From initiatives focusing on education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, to those championing human rights and social justice causes, there's a multitude of ways for everyone to contribute and make a difference.

Furthermore, this guide is not just a directory; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact that each individual can make when united in a common cause. It showcases the dedication of our community in tackling local and global issues, embodying the ethos of Oxford's commitment to excellence, diversity, and inclusivity.

Oxford Charities Guide by Oxford SU