What is the GRA? (Gender Recognition Act)

By Katt Walton | VP Women | Mon 3rd September 2018

Hey everyone, welcome to my first Oxford SU blog post! My name is Katt and I am going to be VP Women for 18/19. For those that don’t know I am elected to represent and advocate for the rights of all women at this university. I will also be working on policies and resources which have a gendered aspect, this includes trans rights

I’m going to be talking to Y'all about the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) reformation. This is a big part of my work at the moment as one of my key priorities is how the VP Women and SU can support trans folk better. Best guesses say that Oxford Uni has around 100 trans students, this is estimated from the 0.4% of the population the government estimates. Oxford SU firmly believes in equality for all and this is one way of helping to achieve that.


Oxford SU & The NSS

By Lucas Bertholdi-Saad | Vice President Access & Academic Affairs | Mon 30th Jul 2018

For the second year in a row, the University of Oxford has not had enough responses on the National Student Survey (NSS) to publish its results. This is a success for Oxford Students’ Union, which this year continued its NSS boycott campaign, as well as an important victory for students and academics opposing the marketisation of UK Higher Education.



6 Things I Learnt From NUS SU's 2018

By Joe Inwood | President | Wed 11th Jul 2018

As part of making the SU as open as can be, this year the sabbatical officer team will be keeping you updated on our work through blog posts like these. Last week, I went to the annual Students’ Unions conference at Birmingham NEC with our staff members Sarah and Liam. Having previously avoided both the NUS and large soulless conference venues, I was a bit apprehensive as we made our way up by train. 

Oxford SU and the NUS have a somewhat chequered history. After a voided referendum in 2014, students here voted in 2016 by 57% to 41% to remain affiliated. Since then, campaigners from Oxford have been at the forefront of some of the work of the NUS - but other students remain sceptical. Here is what I learnt from SUs 2018, and why it deserves a second thought!



Oxford SU responds to Father Bernard Green

Oxford SU is disturbed and concerned to learn that the University of Oxford were aware of St Benet’s employee Father Bernard Green’s ban from working with individuals under the age of 19, six years before his dismissal in 2012.


#ThisisOxford - Luke Richardson

#ThisisOxford is Oxford SU’s mental health anti-stigma campaign, aiming to raise awareness of those in our community who are studying with a wide range of mental health conditions. Today’s spotlight is on Magdalen first year Chemist Luke Richardson, who talks about his experience of having OCD at Oxford.

The Media Society (re) launches!

I am delighted to relaunch the Oxford University Media Society. Please find out more about our work and join us on our journey here: