Annual Admissions Statistical Report

Annual Admissions Statistical Report

We welcome the release of this report, it’s a positive step in the University becoming more open and transparent. In terms of the contents, it is good to see that progress has been made in opening the doors of Oxford to a wide and diverse group of students. 

Sadly though, progress has been slow and there is still a huge amount of work needed to be done in this area.

Catherine Canning, VP Access and Academic Affairs says “For anyone reading this report who is worried about applying or coming to Oxford because of these figures should not be alarmed or put off. Oxford SU firmly believe that Oxford University should be a place where anyone regardless of background can thrive and achieve their dreams. We will continue to challenge and work with the University in order to make this a reality.”

We believe that there are large and unacceptable attainment gaps in schools, which greatly disadvantage black pupils and those from low-income backgrounds, among other underrepresented groups. We believe that the Government is failing these pupils and must do more to raise attainment and aspirations in schools.

We are already working with the University on improving access but invite them to engage with us further and particularly with our student-led campaigns, Target Schools, CRAE, Class Act and other relevant student societies in order to be more effective in their outreach work.

What is obvious is that despite the growth in some areas, Oxford University needs to do more to ensure that it is accessible to students both in the application process and whilst at the university.

Oxford SU is campaigning to increase access for students from different backgrounds, whilst as well as making sure that students receive the support they need at Oxford.