Every student has the right to feel physically safe around Oxford. We’d like to foster and environment where spaces around the University and city are free from harassment and violence.

Our priorities are

  • Ensuring that safety measures are put in place around student nightlife

  • Promoting initiatives and policies that help students get home safe

  • Raise awareness around the safety issue in Oxford 

  • Compile student experience testimony around safety


What have we already done?

  • On a University level
  • On a college level
    • Revamped the Safe Lodge policy and ensured that 31 colleges are part of the scheme. More info including the list of all porters lodges that are part of the scheme can be found here. Participating porters lodges can be identified via the green dot in their window.
    • Worked with colleges on a common framework for reporting harassment incidents 
  • On a city level
    • Worked with Oxford Brookes and the City Council on their Safer Streets project which received grant funding last year
    • Individually lobbied city centre bar and club venues to adopt the Ask for Angela scheme
    • Worked with local transportation service on logistics for safe student transport home


How we would like you to help?

  • Contribute your own experience, if you feel comfortable, to the SaferOxford survey
  • Encourage your college bar to adopt the Ask for Angela scheme 
  • Put up SaferOxford posters around your JCR/MCR (available on request by email to president@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk)
  • Reshare SaferOxford resources on social media



It Happens Here Guide on Support for Survivors 

WomCam Guide to Safe Nights Out 

Information about the Support Service

Oxford SU Advice Service