Statement of Solidarity with the Students of JNU, Delhi

We, the students of the University of Oxford, express our solidarity and heartfelt support for the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi, who, over the past few weeks, have been protesting against an abrupt and unjust fee hike of nearly 3000%.

The imposition of this fee hike, which would result in over 40% of the students of JNU having to drop out of the university, is unfair. We believe that the beneficiaries of public education in a democracy have the right to be consulted in decision-making, especially where the future accessibility of higher education is concerned. This is why we support the JNU students’ demand for a complete roll-back of this fee hike.

Lastly, we assert that the police assault upon the students of JNU, and the violation of the students’ right to peaceful protest, are worthy of condemnation.