Update: What are your sabbatical officers doing about Michaelmas 2020

Update: What are your sabbatical officers doing about Michaelmas 2020


As your elected sabbatical officers, our purpose is to improve the overall experience for current and future students at the University. We’re continuing to listen and amplify student concerns around Coronavirus to decision-makers across the University. Over the past few months, we have been lobbying for the collegiate University to deliver the best possible student experience this year and to consider student welfare and wellbeing in all its decisions. We have also continued to call for clear and consistent communications across all areas.


As term approaches, we’re working hard to ensure that the student voice is considered in top level decisions. We are writing to all of the heads of colleges and permanent private halls to reiterate students’ concerns and wishes for the upcoming year. Furthermore, we’re working to ensure that college JCR and MCR student representatives are empowered to reach out to their own college officials and have a clear understanding of where to go to resolve any issues that arise in the broader university context. 


Here's what we will be doing in the next two weeks. We will be hosting a call tomorrow open to all students and reaching out Welfare Reps, Entz Reps, Freshers Reps, as well as JCR and MCR presidents, to hear from you and your representatives on what their college’s proposed regulations are and what students’ top concerns are. We’ll use these conversations to inform our lobbying work to the collegiate University, including the University’s coronavirus group, Michaelmas Coordination Group to push for the best possible student experience for all students at the University of Oxford.


Our priority, as always, is to represent and support students, not to police your behaviour. If you have concerns or questions feel free to get in touch with us below.


How can we help?

  • Student events: Oxford SU and the University have developed support for students organising events this academic year. A comprehensive interactive resource is now available  for you to complete with support on what you need to think about when organising either an online or face-to-face event along with lots of ideas. Further information can also be found in the SU's information document . Risk assessment templates for face to face events are here. 
  • Clubs and Societies: The countdown is on for our Virtual Freshers Fair on 7th October and if you run a society don’t forget to register it on our directory to gain access to our support tools.
  • Advice: Our free independent and impartial advice service is available for any student in need. 


Who are the Sabbatical Officers? 

We’re a team of 6 students elected annually and in post for a year from July-July. We work full-time at Oxford SU (yes, we’re paid too!) to represent students and campaign on a range of issues. You can see what we do on our website and if you think it sounds fun, look out for the annual elections in February when you can run to be a Sabbatical officer for 2021-22. 


Contact your elected sabbatical officer team:

Nikita Ma –  President (president@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 

Tucker Drew – VP Access and Academic Affairs (vpaccaff@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 

Ben Farmer – VP Charities and Community (vpcandc@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 

Lauren Bolz – VP Graduates  (vpgraduates@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 

Amelia Holt – VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities (vpweo@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 

Alex Foley – VP Women (vpwomen@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk) 


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