Are you passionate about fundraising? You can apply to join the RAG committee now!

RAG (Raise and Give) is Oxford SUs fundraising arm. RAG is here to help organise, inspire and support student fundraising. Each year they put on a range of events and challenges raising thousands of pounds for charities elected by you and have plenty of fun along the way! We also bring fundraising to you - we take casino and glitter services to dozens of College Balls and events each year.

We are looking for a new President to join the RAG committee, who will lead the fundraising arm of the SU throughout 2024/25. Find a description of the role and the application form below.

Applications are open now and will close on June 12th, 11:55pm.

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  • Chair Raise and Give Executive Committee and General Committee meetings. 

  • Directly manage Raise and Give Vice Presidents and sub-committee heads. 

  • Work closely with the Student Engagement Team and Vice President Charities and Communities to ensure clear communication between Raise and Give and Oxford SU. 

  • Develop Strategic Plans for each area of Raise and Give. 

  • Evaluate Success of Projects, Events, and other Raise and Give Initiatives. 

  • Promote the Raise and Give Brand within the University and represent Raise and Give externally. 

  • Coordinate Raise and Give Teams/Officers and connect them externally to create positive outcomes. 

  • Develop new projects and initiatives to continue to grow Raise and Give. 

VP Communication

VP Communications will be responsible for organising meetings of the committee and minuting of the meetings. They will also be the first point of contact for all RAG enrquiries by third parties and manage RAGs's brand. They will work with all general committee members, event teams and project sub committees to ensure clear communication between members and develop institutional memory through cumulation of relevant documents.

VP Engagement

VP Engagament will be responsible to manage monitor and develop the encouragement of general student participation in fundraising, in consultation with the president. They will work with student bodies outside RAG including colleges, club sand societies to encourage fundraising activities.They will Manage, monitor and develop a network of Common Room Charities & Communities Representatives, working with the VP A&C and with the assistance of the general committee.In addition, they will Manage, monitor and develop RAG Products and Services which work heavily with outside groups, such as the Charities Representatives, with the assistant of the general committee.