Oxford SU Student Awards are back for 2023! The awards celebrate the student voice and the student community. We want to recognise the amazing work that Oxford students do to make change for the student body. This is your chance to nominate someone you know who has made an impact on your time at University. The awards will be presented at an in-person ceremony celebrating student impact at Oxford!

Student Awards is taking place on June 12th at Freud Oxford. Grab your free ticket below!

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The Shortlist:

Race Equality Award - Students who are working to help racialised members of the University and have been involved in the fight against racism at Oxford.

Mosopefoluwa Sarah Akintunde 

Gloria Ngaiza

Kwabena Osei

Mathilde Labuthie

Nikita Jain 


Student Voice Award - Students who have amplified the students’ views and priorities through representation and campaigning on behalf of their peers.

Abdulazeez Imam and David Cruz Walma 

Shermar Pryce 

Niall Pearson-Shaul 

Inam Teja


Paving the Way Award - Students who have been innovative or original in their approach to activism, campaign and student representation, or who have achieved outstanding results from their efforts.

Theo Sergiou

Lara Hankeln

Amelia Inglis

Anita Okunde

Tori Ford 


Sustainability Award - Students who have made an exceptional contribution towards efforts to make their college and University environment sustainable.

Tiffany Walmsley 

Nell Miles

Tino Lukas

Amy Pryce-Jones 


Welfare Award - Students who are helping to make Oxford a kinder and safer space when it comes to wellbeing and mental health.

Aljawharah Alrubayyi

Sean Gleeson

Bhadrajee Hewage

Daniele Cotton

Amiad (Addi) Haran Diman


Increasing Access Award - Students who have contributed to access and outreach work at Oxford and made the University a more inclusive place to study.

Holly Cobb

Judith Valerie Engel

Rafiah Niha

Anežka Macey-Dare 

Marta Antonetti


Volunteer Award - Students who have put time and effort into volunteering and showing their peers the value of this work.

Gabriele Paone

Patricia Sampedro

Eleanor Bogie

Holly Cobb 

Wantoe T Wantoe 


College Community Award - Students who have made their college a better space for their students.

Alfie Davis

Elyse Cox 

Dixa Thakrar 

Piotr Sliwa 

Morten Thomsen 

Phoebe Winter

Natalie Shteiman

Wantoe T Wantoe 

Hala Heenan and Niamh Townend 

Inam Teja