Why What We Did in 2020 Will Make 2021 an Even Bigger Year for Oxford SU

Our key priority areas: 


Ensuring student voices are heard in the University’s Coronavirus Response

What we did in 2020: 

  • Throughout 2020 we worked hard to ensure the best possible student experience. Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been actively lobbying the collegiate University on a range of issues from academic, to domestic.  

What we’re doing in 2021: 


Securing better mental health support for students

What we did in 2020:  

It's clear we're facing an incredible challenging time and a student mental health crisis. At Oxford SU we're committed to actively lobbying and working closely with the collegiate University to improve student mental health for all students. 

Over two thirds (74%) of 18- 24 year olds say lockdown has made their mental health worse, compared with 60% of adults. (Mind, 2020). 

We worked with the University to establish the Mental Health Taskforce

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • This Hilary term we’ll be providing a detailed brief on the taskforce, what we’ve secured and our next steps. Watch this space! 

  • See out latest update here


Calling for action on race equality

What we did in 2020: 

Wrote an open letter to the Vice-Chancellor on structural anti-Blackness at Oxford, worked with students and the University to launch a new Race equality taskforce and developed a 26-point Equality, diversity and Inclusion plan for Oxford SU. 

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • We’re currently working with the University and other student representatives on the race equality taskforce which is currently identifying key themes and creating working groups. See our latest updates here.    


Getting Oxford Uni to tackle the environmental crises

What we did in 2020:  

  • We encouraged 1200 of you to complete the University’s Sustainability Strategy Consultation (a 35% increase in number of responses to the 2019 consultation!), essential to ensure the University commits to bold targets.  

  • Over 350 students took part in our Planet Pledge campaign to continue the conversation about tackling the climate crisis.  

  • We were mandated to lobby for the Uni to stop selling lamb and beef (which they’ve committed to until at least March 2021 due to covid closures) and we gained coverage in The Daily MailUniladThe Metro and LBC

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • We’re by lobbying the University to ensure the finalised Environmental Sustainability Strategy is as ambitious as possible. 

  • We’ll be working with student groups such as Oxford Climate Society to get colleges to commit to similar Biodiversity and Climate targets as those in the University’s strategy. 


Things we’re working on

Winning for Graduate Students

What we did in 2020: 

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • We’ll be looking to secure a similar grace period for Trinity Term and lobbying to ensure new graduate students starting in 2021, especially at Reuben College get the best possible support. 


Supporting student common rooms

What we did in 2020:  

  • Supported 70% of common room elections: 64,748 total votes cast to elect 1,145 total posts.   

  • Launched our online training platform with 17 sessions available and 910 training sessions completed by students so far.   

  • Delivered 20 RepComms held in MT20 alone (one for each type of rep, each one minimum termly), with a total attendance of 420+ common representatives in MT20. 

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • Every Common Rep will have a chance to meet other reps at one of our RepComms 

  • We’ll be expanding our elections help to support common room that would like help running their election. 

  • We’ll be expanding our training to offer more sessions on key issues. 


Leading on sexual health education at Oxford

What we did in 2020: 

  • Delivered the University’s first ever sexual health education survey of students to understand what education students have had and where the biggest gaps were. 

  • We had over 1000 responses and are currently analysing the results. 

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • We’ll be developing and delivering our own sexual health education online resources from world experts to ensure Oxford students continue to get the best education on issues that matter. Watch this space! 


Providing free, independent and impartial student advice

What we did in 2020: 

  • Between 13th October 2019-30th September 2020, we supported over 1350 cases (an increase of 19% on 2018/19 period).  

  • Our advice service dealt with an increasing number of complex cases: 87% of cases raised more than two issues (an increase 3% on 2018/19).  

  • Our advice service continues to be reliable and well used by students: 42% of students contacted the service on more than one occasion about different issues (an increase of 27% on 2018/19).  

What we’re doing in 2021: 

  • Our amazing advice team will continue to be there for any student to provide support and signposting on any issue.  

  • Our team are primed to respond to issues arising from the pandemic e.g. housing or academic concerns, as well as everything else including welfare, education or financial concerns.