Win for PGR Students: Continuation Fees Grace Period Announced

Continuation Fees Grace Period Announced. Four Week Grace Period for PGR Students' University Contin

The University has announced a four-week grace period for University Continuation Charges in Hilary term, saving PGR students up to £508 each.

The grace period will enable students to submit their thesis four weeks beyond their original deadline- by Friday of 4th week (12 February 2021) instead of Friday of 0th week (15 January 2021).

This decision came after a period of targeted lobbying by SU VP Graduates, Lauren Bolz, who advocated on behalf of PGR students, and urged the University's Fees & Funding team to consider implementing the grace period.

'I am really pleased to see that the University has listened to post graduate research students' concerns, and has recognised the impact that Covid-19 has had on students' studies. In a year where students have had to make so many sacrifices to keep themselves and others safe, whilst keeping on top of their studies, this change should go a long way to give students the extra time they need to submit their dissertations. I will continue to lobby for the same grace period to be implemented in Trinity Term 2020 and for continued improvements to the overall graduate student experience.'
Lauren Bolz, VP Graduates

According to the University, all PGR students will be granted:

'a four-week grace period before assessing liability for University Continuation Charges in Hilary term 2021. This will allow students to submit their thesis by Friday of 4th week (12 February 2021) instead of the normal deadline of Friday of 0th week (15 January 2021) without incurring the UCC for Hilary. This grace period will automatically be provided to you if you submit your thesis by 12 February 2021, and you will not need to apply for an academic extension to cover late submission of your thesis if it is submitted during the grace period.'


The grace period applies to University continuation fees, but may not apply to college's continuation fee. Oxford SU will continue to lobby colleges to match the University's positive step and match the grace period.

The decision announced today is the latest in a series of key wins from Oxford SU during the pandemic. Oxford SU has been working to amplify the concerns of students and has been lobbying and working closely with the University to make changes. Key wins include working with the University to initiate a Mental Health Taskforce, expand the Covid Hardship Fund, and deliver student testing.


Lauren Bolz
VP Graduates 2020-21