Sabbatical Officers

MIchael Akolade Ayodeji

SU President

Jade Calder

VP Access & Academic Affairs

Anna-Tina Jashapara

VP Charities & Community

Shreya Dua

VP Graduates

Grace Olusola

VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Ellie Greaves

VP Women

Latest Officer Blog Posts

Bike graphic over black background with Bike Doctor written in pink

Cycling in Oxford: What you need to know

Some top tips from Ben about cycling in Oxford, including how to get FREE bike checks and cycling training

Wed 28 Oct 2020
Covid-19 Hardship Fund Update

COVID-19 Hardship Fund Update

As a follow up to my post about funding options for students facing rent increases, council tax and continuation fees, I wanted to direct everyone to

Tue 27 Oct 2020
Text 'PGR Funding Update' white on light green background

PGR Fees & Funding Updates

Over the past few months, the Sabb team and I have been lobbying the University to secure fee and hardship support for affected students. Here are som

Thu 03 Sep 2020