trinity term 2024 update: 

As the SU is going through a transformation process, the way we meet with Common Room Reps will be different in Trinity Term 2024. More updates will follow at the start of Trinity Term. In the meantime, you can contact the Campaigns directly via their pages, and you can get in touch with for any general support with your role. 

What are RepComs?:

RepComs are meetings held at the Oxford SU led by student representatives from all Oxford colleges who share similar roles. In these meetings, based on the JCR & MCR PresComs model, representatives come forth and discuss common issues, shared experiences and collaborate on cross-college projects. For further enquiries, please contact

We usually hold between 20 and 30 RepComs per term and meet several hundred Reps along the way. If there is something you are passionate to speak about, or an issue you would like to raise at a meeting, any attendee can submit items for discussion - click here to submit an item.

What kinds of RepComs do we currently hold?:

- Academic Officer             - Environmental & Ethics Officer            - Sports Officer

- Access Officer                  - Entz Officer                                                        - Women's Officer

- Arts Officer                       - Freshers Officer                                              - JCR President

- BAME Officer                      - International Officer                                  - MCR President

- Charity Officer               - IT Officer                                                               - Societies President

- Class Officer                    - LGBTQ Officer                                                     - Vice President

- Disabilities Officer        - Welfare Officer                                               - Treasurer

If you are listed as a Common Room Rep, you will also receive a calendar invite with the Teams link for RepCom relevant to your role. If your Common Room’s page is incorrect, your President needs to update it by following these instructions

All RepComs are listed on our events page in advance!