update for trinity term 2024

Student Council will look different in Trinity Term 2024, as it'll feed into the SU's transformation process. More updates will follow at the start of Trinity Term.

Key documents

Key documents will be uploaded here as soon as they are available. 

The draft minutes are available here - attendees are very welcome to email studentengagement@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk with any corrections 


Reports are uploaded here if submitted.

future dates 

Student Council will also take place on: 

  • Tuesday 7th May (3rd Week TT24)
  • Tuesday 4th June (7th Week TT24)

Past Student Council meetings

You can see the minutes of past Student Council meetings, as well as all reports and details from this year's meetings, in the archive below.
 Student Council Archive

What is Student Council?

Student Council is like the parliament of the Oxford student body. Any student can come along, submit motions, and make your voice heard on issues that are important to you. There are 250+ members of Student Council who vote on the motions - these are elected representatives from every Common Room, division, and Campaign. To make sure the members representing you are up-to-date, please get in touch with studentengagement@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk. 

Who attends Student Council?

Any student can attend Student Council and voice their opinions on the topics being discussed. However, only Common Room delegates, SU Campaign delegates, Divisional Representatives, and SU Sabbatical Officers are able to vote. This ensures that the voters are always representative of the whole collegiate student body. 

Common Rooms are responsible for keeping their delegate list with us up-to-date. Please email studentengagement@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk to do this. 

what is the student council timeline?

Step 1: Submitting agenda items

Agenda items can be many things: a motion to create policy, a motion to mandate an officer, a student project proposal, or a topic for general discussion. Any student may submit an agenda item by clicking the 'Submit an item' button below. The deadline to submit an agenda item is 13:00 on Thursday, the week before the Student Council meeting. 

Submit an item  


Step 2: Submitting election nominations

Student Council itself is run collaboratively by SU staff and student leaders.You don't need any experience at all to run - these roles are designed for beginners.

The below roles wil be available for election in Trinity Term 3rd Week. 

Nominate Yourself  

 Any student who takes on a role within Oxford SU's democratic structures this year will receive a professional certificate that can be used for job applications and to record your experience. You will also be able to use SU staff as a professional referee for jobs or further study, and we'll be happy to provide LinkedIn recommendations.


Steering Committee meet before each Student Council to create the agenda for the next Council meeting. This involves working with passionate motion proposers, making sure you're following SU Bye-laws, and gaining a greater understanding of the policy that governs the SU. 

Step 3: student council! 

Student Council takes place on Tuesday of 3rd week and 7th week every term. 

In a Student Council Meeting, you will: 

  • Hear reports from the SU Sabbatical Officers, Divisional Representatives, and Campaigns. You can ask them questions and make sure they're representing your interests. 
  • Debate on the motions submitted by students.
  • Hear from candidates for the roles in Student Council.

Voting members will also: 

  • Vote on the motions submitted by students. 
  • Vote for the candidates for the roles in Student Council.


Step 4: What's next?

After Student Council, the results of the votes will be published to all students. Any motions which passed will immediately become active in the SU - staff and Sabbatical Officers will work to implement the new policies, complete the new mandates, and fund the new Projects.

And then we do it again!

If you have any questions about Student Council, please feel free to contact the Chair of Student Council on chair@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk or the Student Engagement team on studentengagement@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk

You can also see the full rules of Student Council on this page

current committee members

kenneth lim

steering committee



Daniel leung

scrutiny committee

adam turner

elections committee

mads proitz

elections committee

patricia mativo

elections committee


chair of council

michael-akolade ajodeji

returning officer