Student Council

What is Student Council

In short its the Parliament of the Oxford Student body. Any student member is able to attend meetings, put forward agenda items, and debate the issues of the meeting. Like the UK's Parliament there are representatives from the different 'constituencies' (in Oxford's case these are Common Rooms and Divisional Representatives) who vote on motions.

Items which any student can submit to Student Council include:

  • Motions to create Policy - Policy is a belief the student body has. For example, "Oxford SU believes that unpaid internships exploit young people who are trying to build up experience in their chosen career, and that unpaid work is essentially inaccessible for those from lower income backgrounds". Policies help our student representatives understand the position of the student body on certain issues so they can represent them accurately.
  • Motions to create a Mandate - These are similar to Policy motions but they have a task for a representative to complete. For example, "Mandate the President, Vice-President Welfare & Equal Opportunities, and Vice-President Women to look into ways to make the Trustee Board more diverse". Our student representatives have huge workloads so they may get in contact with you to discuss the details for fulfilling their mandate with your help.

Writing a Motion

This model is designed as a guiding framework for members of Oxford SU when composing a motion submission for Student Council

  • Title (make it snappy)
  • A named Proposer (a current member of Oxford SU)
  • A named Seconder (if you cannot find a second member to support your motion you can still submit it, however it will not be heard at council unless a member there is willing to second it).
  • Council Notes section (this is where you outline the topic of your motion)
  • Council Believes section (this is where you may want to outline how the issue is relevant to students at Oxford University and/or our interests or to introduce the actions you intend to propose).
  • Council Resolves section (this is the most "important" section, as it's the actions you propose are the elements that Council are voting on. If agreed, the resolves will become SU policy).


  • Student Project proposals - Each meeting four new student projects can pitch their idea to Student Council and receive support from Oxford SU. Previous examples of project Student Council has supported can be found on the Student Project page along with guidance on how to start your own project.
  • Items for Discussion - These can be any topic which you believe it would be beneficial to have Student Council discuss. Often our student representatives will use discussions in student council to guide their work and gage interest in certain topics. As Student Council brings together student representatives from across the Collegiate University it is a unique opportunity to hear the student voice.

You don't have to be a member of Student Council to submit a motion to Student Council, any student can! If you want to submit a motion to make change at Oxford simply fill out the form below or email our Student engagement team at for further information.

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5th Week Trinity Term 2022 Student Council
13th May midnight - 27th May midnight
7th Week Trinity Term 2022 Student Council
26th May midnight - 8th June midnight

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