About the Fund:

The Oxford Students’ Union recognises that widespread transphobia and cisgenderism can lead to feelings of distress among trans and gender-diverse students.


We also acknowledge that expressing and embodying your gender in ways that feel good can be financially challenging, especially in light of the present cost of living.


We’ve created the Gender Expression Fund to provide financial assistance for students to purchase items that will make them more comfortable with their gender presentation and, we hope, improve their wellbeing.


If you have any questions about the Fund or your application, please email (Vice-President (Welfare) or the Vice-President (Liberation & Equality).



What is the Fund For:

Funding can be used to buy gender-affirming products such as binders, packers, breast forms, clothing and makeup.


Funding can also be used to pay for transport to medical and therapeutic appointments, but we are not able to provide funding for treatment or other medical procedures.


Eligible students can apply for up to £50 at a time. In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to apply for up to £100. Please note, you will be asked to provide evidence of all costs you would like to claim for. You can apply in advance of or after spending.


The Union has designated a total of £400 for this fund in 2023/24.


Keeping You and Your Information Safe

The Oxford Students’ Union takes the privacy of all students very seriously. We also recognise that some applicants may be worried about revealing their trans status to institutions that have historically misserved them.


We collect personal information so that we can check your student status, contact you about your application, and address you properly. We will never use the information you provide to identify or “out” you to University staff, other students or Union staff not involved in the administration of the Fund.


This is also a trust-based process based on self-declaration by the student, not investigation by the Union.


You can find a full privacy notice in the application form.


How do we evaluate?

You’ll notice that the application form asks you to rate your sense of wellbeing, belonging, and academic success. We use this information, which always gets anonymised, to understand the impact of our work, improve our services in the long term, and ask for more money to put into supporting you in the future. We are very grateful for your effort and honesty in responding to those questions.


Who is eligible?

To apply for the fund, you must:

  • Be a registered University of Oxford student
  • Be trans, non-binary, intersex or gender-diverse
  • Not have used the Fund excessively before, unless there is reasonable justification
  • Not be using the Fund to get money to contribute to fundraisers or give to others
  • Not be requesting items with excessive costs (e.g. custom products), unless explicitly necessary for reasons of sizing or access needs to be considered
  • Not be requesting funding for medical treatment (such as hormone therapy or surgical procedures) or to fund private counselling/therapy

A step-by-step guide to accessing the fund

  • You can begin by submitting a response to this form
  • Your application will then be reviewed by a team of administrators overseen by the Vice-President (Welfare), supported by our Advice Service. The only time this may differ is if these people are not available, at which point another member of the Sabbatical Officer team or the CEO may assist
  • Once your application has been reviewed, you will be informed of the outcomes by email (normally within 2 weeks) and asked to provide payment details
  • Once we have received your details, we will pay you via BACS (bank transfer) within 1-2 weeks


Why does the Fund exist?

In November 2023, a motion was brought by our then Co-Chairs of the LGBTQ+ Campaign to the Student Council to mandate the creation of a centralised Gender Expression Fund. The motion referenced the OUSU 2018 Trans Report which shows evidence of higher levels of anxiety and stress in trans students, with two thirds stating Oxford has had a negative or extremely negative effect upon their mental health. However, items of clothing can exist to alleviate gender dysphoria, and access to these can have a significant impact on wellbeing and mental health. Whilst around 25 common rooms (JCRs, MCRs or GCRs) offer some form of GEF with a range from £60 to £600 a year, many other common rooms lack any same initiative. The establishment of this fund intends to help current and prospective trans and questioning students see the Student Union as a safe, supportive and welcoming environment to explore their gender identity and expression.