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Congratulations to your newly elected Sabbatical Officer-elects for the 2024-2025 Academic Year!

Photo of Addi Haran
Addi Haran


Photo of Lizzy Downham
Alisa Brown

VP Activities and Community-Elect

Photo of Sameyia Syed
Joel aston

VP Liberation and Equality-Elect

Photo of Dominic Anderson
lauren schaefer

VP Postgraduate Education and Access-Elect

Photo of Lizzy Downham
eleanor miller

VP Undergraduate Education and Access-Elect

Photo of Sameyia Syed
alfie davis

VP Welfare-elect


Congratulations to the NUS Delegates!

NUS Delegate-elects

Photo of Rachel Hu
elliot possnett


Photo of Dominic Anderson
alex dunn


Photo of Lizzy Downham
Luca di bona


Photo of Sameyia Syed
jimmy sergi


Photo of Daisy O'Connor
leo buckley


Photo of Dominic Anderson
Anas dayeh


Photo of Lizzy Downham
sara jupp
Photo of Lizzy Downham


Congratulations to your newly elected Student Trustee-elects!

Photo of Rachel Hu
Louie wells


Photo of Lizzy Downham
charles phua


Photo of Ardeel Hussain
Harry Mcwilliam


RAG Ballot Charities

These are the elected charities for 2024-25!

Local Charities

1. Oxfordshire Mind

2. Refugee Resource

national charities

1. Medical Aid for Palestinians

2. BEAT Eating Disorders

elections complaints log

Here you can see a record of every formal complaint that was submitted during the Elections, and the result of each one. 


For all of the rule for this year's elections, you can click.

The elections rules make reference to a document called "regulations". This can be found here.

Election Declaration