What you might need

In our experience, Migration is not a common event. Whether to release or accept a student is a decision for the individual Colleges to make. Neither the University nor the Students' Union can intercede on behalf of the student who wishes to migrate.

Although the process can vary slightly from College to College, the following might be needed in order for a student to migrate College:

  • A letter from the Senior Tutor of the receiving or ‘new' College confirming that they are willing to accept you as a student. It may be sensible to copy the Academic or College Office into an email to the Senior Tutor for their reference.
  • Written permission from the current College
  • Approval from the Proctors  
  • A strong argument from the student as to why they need to be at that College in particular
  • How the student can be an asset to that College
  • Evidence that the student is in extremely good academic standing

How we can help

Migration is a process which Student SU Advice can support you through. We are not able to influence decision about whether a College should accept you, but we can meet with you and talk your situation through to make sure you are accessing all the support you want to. We can read and comment on draft correspondence between you and your College and we can meet you at key points during the process to check in with how you are. All students can do is present their case as positively as possible with the required documents and make sure the content of their request covers all the information the receiving College has asked for. There is not usually a right of appeal in migration cases.


Changing colleges




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