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Class and BAME Rep


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Low Income Officer

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Social Secretary

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Working Class Officer

Class Act is intended to support, represent and campaign on behalf of students from working class, low income, first generation and state comprehensive school backgrounds, as well as care leavers and estranged students.

Although there is a lot of focus on efforts to help those of us from one or more of these backgrounds to get accepted into the university, the experience we have once we’re here doesn’t get the attention we think it needs. We’re trying to change that.

The campaign has gained the attention and support of students and academics alike at the university and has improved access and student life for underprivileged applicants and students. We're bursting with ideas to improve the landscape for current students whose social, financial and/or educational backgrounds might disadvantage them during their time here at Oxford.

Our work focuses on the common concerns associated with each of our focus groups, and on the more specific problems members of these groups can face at Oxford. During term time, we campaign as well as host social and speaker events.


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Class Act Constitution



  • Class Act Academic Guide MT17

    26 Nov 2017

    This guide takes you through the ins and outs of navigating Oxford. From brief descriptions of libraries, to tips and tricks on improving your spelling and grammar, to explanations of the services and assistance that students can access at the university, this guide is here to help any and all Class Act Students.

  • Class Act Financial Guide 2024

    06 Feb 2024

    Our guide to Financial Support at Oxford!

  • Class Act Training and Awareness Slides 2022

    22 Sep 2022

    A resource that can be used by all JCR and MCRs that provides awareness on social class and class related issues in the UK. This also provides training on how everyone can combat these issues in Oxford University and what to do if you are personally affected by class issues. This can also be used as a template and we recommend using the slides to open up wider discussions in JCRs and MCRs on how to make Oxford a more welcoming environment to people from all social backgrounds.

  • Plain Text Training and Awareness 2022

    22 Sep 2022

    Plain Text version of Class Act's 2022 training and awareness resource for JCR and MCRs.

  • Why Class Act Supports Free and Accessible Education

    23 Jan 2018

    Our statement on why we support free and accessible education, and what we think this means.