Oxford SU 2022 Student Awards

Nominations have now closed in the Student Awards

These awards will celebrate the student voice and the student community - we want to recognise the amazing work that Oxford students do to make change for the student body. The awards will be presented at an in-person ceremony at the Town Hall on Tuesday 21st June.  

There are 10 nomination categories this year, which are as follows - 

Race Equality - Students who are working to help racialised members of the University and have been involved in the fight against racism at Oxford. 

Student Voice Award - Students who have amplified the students’ views and priorities through representation and campaigning on behalf of their peers. 

Paving the Way Award - Students who have been innovative or original in their approach to activism, campaign and student representation, or who have achieved outstanding results from their efforts. 

Sustainability Award - Students who have made an exceptional contribution towards efforts to make their college and University environment sustainable. 

Fight Against Covid Award - Students who have campaigned for students and their wellbeing or helped their peers and community in any way during the pandemic. 

Welfare Award - Students who are helping to make Oxford a kinder and safer space when it comes to wellbeing and mental health. 

Never Too Small Award - Students who have proved that even the smallest actions can be impactful for the students they have helped. 

Increasing Access - Students who have contributed to access and outreach work at Oxford and made the University a more inclusive place to study. 

Volunteer Award - Students who have put time and effort into volunteering and showing their peers the value of this work. 

College Community Award - Students who have made their college a better space for its students.