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We are currently planning Shadowing Days for next academic year, which are excellent opportunities for sixth form students to meet current undergraduates and get a taste of what living and studying in Oxford is like. The Shadowing Days are free for students and aim to de-bunk the myths and stereotypes surrounding applying to and studying in Oxford.  

Safety and Safeguarding

Safety and safeguarding are Target School's priority in every event we hold. For this reason, we require all student ambassadors to take part in safeguarding training, have strict rules prohibiting further communications after Shadowing days, and always have Oxford SU staff on call. Our student ambassadors will be paired with a small group of Sixth Formers, ensuring students will not be left alone with a student ambassador at any time. Our Student Committee have all taken part in safeguarding training to ensure we are prepared to handle any incidents. 

Target School's events take place in Oxford Colleges where there are always first aiders on hand in the unlikely event of an accident or injury.