Shadowing Days

Our shadowing scheme lies is at the heart of Target Schools. We invite year 12 state school students to visit the University of Oxford and take part in a day of activities where you can visit the city, learn more about the subject you're interested in by meeting current undergraduates, and get useful application tips! This is a great opportunity for future applicants to experience the Oxford teaching style and see what being a student here is really like. 

Shadowing days are aimed at Year 12 students (16/17-year-olds) from state schools with little to no history of sending successful candidates to Oxbridge, and those who come from backgrounds with limited progression to higher education. Each student will be matched with a undergraduate studying a subject similar to the one that the prospective student is interested in and will then ‘shadow’ that undergraduate for the morning, going to their lectures and tutorials. During the afternoon, students will receive a free lunch and a tour of an Oxford college, as well as an application workshop. 


Prospective Students

If you are considering applying for Oxbridge but maybe no one you know has gone there before, or you'd be one of the first from your school to go, or you feel you aren't the 'type of person' who would go to Oxbridge then we want you to come to a Shadowing Day. The shadowing days are free, with lunch included. 

You can sign up for our mailing list here, and we’ll keep you updated with future shadowing day opportunities: 

We hope to see you soon! 


Oxford Students

If you are a current Oxford Undergraduate and would like to be a Target Schools student ambassador, you can sign up to our student ambassador mailing list here:  

We’ll be in touch soon regarding upcoming shadowing day volunteering opportunities!