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Oxford SU Disabilities Campaign believes the future is equal, inclusive, and accessible. 

As a campaign, our core aims are: 

  1. Campaigning for better understanding and treatment of disability.
  2. Supporting and advocating for students with disabilities at Oxford.
  3. Bringing together students with disabilities for social events and solidarity.

By 'students with disabilities', we mean anyone who identifies as having a disability, whether this is officially recognised or not. This includes physical, sensory, cognitive, mental and developmental disabilities. This also encompasses those with chronic illnesses, learning difficulties, and mental health conditions.

The Disabilities Campaign is a place for support and everyone will be welcomed. If you are having any difficulties, please get in touch. Our committee consists of friendly individuals and we been through our fair share of issues with the Oxford system - we’ll do our best to help point you in the right direction.

For up to date information on the campaign please join our mailing list and follow us on Facebook.

Students with disabilities are invited to join our community Facebook group where we advise and support one another and discuss disability-related topics in a welcoming and confidential space. The group can be found here: For information on online support groups for specific conditions (such as anxiety and depression, Autism, ADHD, eating disorders, etc.) please get in touch.


This is Epilepsy - Guest Post by Jocasta Hornsey

As part of Disability Awareness Week we are posting guest blogs from OSDC members about their disabilities, today's is by Jocasta Hornsey.
If you would like to submit a contribution, email:

Tue 06 Feb 2018

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