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Any University of Oxford student who identifies with the demographic of this Campaign is free to join. This gives you the right to vote in the Campaign's Elections.

SusCam is Oxford SU’s campaign for suspended students.

We lobby for University policy changes to improve the process of suspension and equip students to campaign for change in their college. SusCam also organizes and provides a supportive social network for suspended students, and students considering or returning from suspension.

  • 2018 Suspension Guide

    30 Sep 2018

    Collection of some information on suspension and quotes from students who have suspended. If you are considering suspension this is a good first place to get information. This information was accurate as of 2018. Please get in touch with the advice service for up to date information and support.

  • Financial Support During Suspension

    24 Oct 2022

    This is a short article aimed to provide some reassurance to students who have suspended their studies or are considering doing so. We discuss how Student Finance works during this time, hardship funding you can access, options for estranged students and care leavers and Universal Credit. If any further financial support or queries need to be added, we will happily cover them! Jump from header to header to find the information that helps you the most.