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Student radio is at the heart of university culture, and gives students the opportunity to share their passions with a global audience. We at Oxide pride ourselves on providing the platform and support to ensure that interested students can get fully involved in radio broadcasting.

We feature a range of different shows that broadcast throughout the Oxford term, from music to politics, covering stories and talent in Oxford and further afield.

The station wouldn’t be anything without its volunteers, and you can be involved. If you’re a novice, a veteran, just interested or want to do something different, then Oxide Radio is the place for you!

Got a show you want to do? Submit your show idea to the team here!

Not sure what you want to do, but know you want to get involved? Don't hesitate to contact us at and we can see how we can fit you in.

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Fancy interviewing the Union’s famous faces? Reviewing opening nights on the front row for free?

The Oxford Student (known as the OxStu) is a weekly newspaper funded by your student body for University of Oxford students. Founded in 1992, The OxStu is run by a team of enthusiastic student writers and, under our constitution, is granted entire editorial independence. Twenty-five years later, our articles attract thousands of views online and reach over 15,000 readers by print. 

We’re always on the lookout for brand new staff writers, and welcome weekly content to one-off pieces. The amount you want to commit to is entirely up to you.

Curious? Just fill out this form to sign up to particular sections for weekly mailing lists from our section editors. Email back to claim an article, or pitch yours. You really don’t have to have previous experience, and you can join at any stage of your degree.  All applications very welcome.

Really keen? If you’d like to have a bigger role in the OxStu, watch for the rolling application period for editorial positions (open in the last two weeks of each term).

Find us on our website, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the latest, or flick through our paper in your JCR or faculty common room. 

Questions? Email us at