The Student Awards is a celebration of all students who have contributed to the Oxford student community.
From raising money for charity, to promoting diversity, and making Colleges feel like home, Oxford students do incredible things that have incredible impact. Oxford SU is dedicated to empowering students to create the best experience for current and future students, so we want to celebrate all you do and say thank you for making a difference to our student community!
Student have nominated fellow students who have made contributions in one of the 11 awards categories, no matter how big or small. You can view the shortlist below.
The winners will be decided by a student panel and we will host our awards ceremony online on the 26th May.
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The Shortlist

Diversity Award

Students who are helping to make Oxford a more inclusive place to study

Faaria Khan

Olivia Durand

Serene Singh

SU Project Impact Award

Student leaders of Projects who have identified and filled a much needed gap

Danielle Watts

Oluwakemi Agunbiade

RAG Charity Rep Award

For common room charity reps who have made an exceptional effort to raise money in their college through charity events and initiatives

Andy Lee

Siam Rahman

Sofia Hurtado Knaster

Student Voice Award

Students amplifying the student voice through representation and campaigning

Nadia Awad

Ferdinand Otter-Sharp

Margot Harvey

Paving the Way Award

Students who have made a contribution to access and outreach work at Oxford

Michael McGrade

Jai Thakrar-Curtis

Safah Ahmed

Eleanor Ferris

Never Too Small Award

Students who have done that extra little something to make Oxford a better place

Dexter Docherty

Matt Williams

College Community Award

Students who have made contributions to their college communities

Caroline Godard

Ruairi Maguire

Maddy Dibble

Special Recognition Award

Students who have shown outstanding contribution and dedication to the University and wider community

Ruairi Maguire

Boon Lim

Ndjodi Ndeunyema

RAG Fundraising Award

Students who have gone above and beyond to give time and effort to raising money for a worthy cause, and promoting awareness of a charity or cause

Aura Schonfeld

Daniel Knight

Jemma Moorhouse

Society Commitment Award

Students who have shown outstanding dedication and commitment to a University or college society

Stewart W. Humble

Paula Larsson

Lukas Lohove

Sustainability Champion Award

Students who have made an exceptional contribution towards efforts to make our local, national and global environment sustainable.

Tritram Walsh

Prateek Mehan

Parth Ahya