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Oxford Hub

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We are a local social action and volunteering charity in Oxford City.

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This opportunity is ongoing, with no end date. Applications closed on 12 Nov.

Benefits to self

Experience teaching English, regular volunteering socials, and working with people from a range of backgrounds and cultures

Benefits to others

Helping others improve their English skills, meaning they can become employed or build connections in their community more easily

Hours per week

Flexible: 1-3

Training information

Training provided



Accessibility Information

  • Area of InterestAccess/Outreach, Mentoring, Culture, Education, Family, Health, International Aid, Marketing and Media, Race and Religion
  • Placement LengthFlexible, On-Going, Termly
  • LocationOxford City, Oxford University, Oxfordshire

Employability skills

  • Team Work 0
  • Communication 0
  • Planning/Organisation 0
  • Problem Solving 0
  • Reflection 0
  • Leadership 0
  • Positive attributes 0