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Target Schools

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Target Schools is Oxford SU's access scheme which runs regular shadowing days with undergraduates and sixth form students from...

Fourth Shadowing Day 06/03/20

This opportunity takes place between 06 Mar 2020 and 07 Mar 2020. Applications closed on 02 Mar.

Benefits to self

Gain experience in safeguarding and access work.

Benefits to others

Providing an access service which may lead to the breaking down of barriers for students who will have otherwise not considered Oxbridge as an option for them.

Training information

Safeguarding Training


Oxford SU, Oxford University, and Colleges

Accessibility Information

This opportunity requires you to take a sixth former out for a typcial day in the life of an Oxford Student. Therefore accessibility will depend upon where you decide to take your shadow.
  • Area of InterestAccess/Outreach, Children, Education, Oxford SU
  • LocationOxford City, Oxford College, Oxford University