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You will typically be represented in your College by the JCR or MCR. 

Issues which affect the entirety of the student body are best handled by the Sabbatical Trustees (or ‘sabbs’). The two sabbs who sit on the committees which deal with academic matters are the VP for Access and Academic Affairs, and the VP for Graduates. 


Helpful definitions

A course representative (or course rep) is the term given to course and department level student representatives.

A Div. Rep. is a Divisional Representative. There are two divisional representatives in each division - one graduate, and once undergraduate. Their primary role is to attend the divisional board and support course reps.

A Sabbatical Trustee refers to one of the six Oxford SU trustees who have been elected by the student body the previous year.



What's a course rep?

Most course related issues will go through your course representatives.

You will be represented in your Department by the course representatives, a term for all academic reps at course and department level.

Your course rep will ordinarily be voted in before the end of Michaelmas, and will sit on a Joint Consultative Committee. You can find details of exactly what happens in your course handbook (here for undergraduates, and here for graduates). This is especially worthwhile if you are an undergraduate student reading either History or Jurisprudence.

Course reps can get in touch with divisional reps if they wish to take an issue further or believe that an issue affects students beyond their course or department. The divisional rep can then raise this at the relevant divisional board.


Represent your fellow students in a course or department level committee?

The Divisional Reps can offer you support, guidance, and a route to air your problems at a senior level.

For a University with as many departments and faculties as Oxford, it’s important to break them down into groups which can then be organized. There are four such groups in Oxford, called ‘divisions’.

These are:

Each of the four divisions has a divisional board, and on each divisional board sit two students (a graduate and an undergraduate). These boards help govern the departments and faculties, although careful arrangements are in place to preserve the autonomy of departments and faculties.

The students who sit on the divisional boards (‘Divisional Reps’) communicate both with student representatives for courses and departments, and the elected Oxford SU Sabbatical Officers.

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