Event Description

Pick Your Own Path

Sat 19 June 2021 10:00-17:00, Online/ Wytham Chalet

This summer we’re inviting you to contribute to a crowdsourced adventure story set in Wytham Woods! Follow Hazel as she encounters the unexpected on what begins as a regular evening stroll but takes an unpredictable turn every time the path branches.

Hazel arrives at Wytham Woods just after six. She parks her car and changes into her walking boots. Through the gate, past the fallen hornbeam tree, Hazel marches up the road into the woods. To her right a path branches off the road. Should she turn off or carry on up the hill?

Sign up here Wytham Woods - Branches - Alice Little from anywhere in the world and/or join us in person at Wytham for our workshop on 19 June – come to the Chalet to pick up your map, then make your way around the woods in your own time.

Let your imagination lead you on your own adventure as you fill in your map. What landmarks might Hazel see as she makes her way through the woods? What surprises does she spot among the trees? Who might be hiding behind the buildings?