What's a Project?

Interested in making lasting change, but unsure where to start?

We want to make it as easy as possible for any student at the University of Oxford to materialize their ideas and create institutional change for current students, future students, for your own community or the wider university. 

The Oxford SU can support and guide you in curating documents (open letters, mandates etc.), help you lobby for change and facilitate events. This includes helping you plan a budget, set an action plan with project objectives and assist in amplifying your voice and initiatives via the Oxford SU website and social media accounts.   

How do I start my own Project?

  1. Email studentengagement@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk to arrange a meeting at Oxford SU where we'll discuss your idea. 
    - We'll help you put together a project proposal document with a budget and plan.  
  2. Once the project is approved by SU Senior Leadership, pitch your project at Student Council and get started making project a reality. 
  3. If approved by Student Council, we'll give each project funding to get you started! 

 Please refer to the list below of past projects that were approved by Student Council for examples of student-led initiatives


Current Projects:

Exhibition of Death Row Inmates’ Artwork Worldwide (Kenya, USA, Indonesia)- 2023

Past Projects: