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Improve ethics of Oxford’s investments

Who's making it happen


Oxford’s socially responsible investment policies are overdue for an update and currently lack teeth and rigor according to the latest developments in socially responsible investing, particularly with respect to climate risk mitigation, engagement, transparency, shareholder voting practices, and impact investing.

Students feel a responsibility to uphold their institution to the highest ethical standards and to protect the future of the endowment from risk due to exposure from the energy sector. 

It is the SU’s role to represent student perspectives on such matters which come to the forefront of student engagement.

With the partnership of students and staff across the university we want to introduce  a new investments policy to leverage the power of Oxford's investments by

1) increasing impact investments for good, 2) engaging with existing companies for change along the Oxford Martin School Principles, and 3) divesting from companies which refuse to decarbonize, by 2025. 

A new hollistic ethical investments which covers INVESTMENT, ENGAGEMENT, & DIVESTMENT, will ensure that the university does due dilligence with its partnerships and investments while protecting against reputational and financial risk.