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Attainment gaps for women

Who's making it happen


Attainment gaps exist between women and male students, BAME and white students, and students with a disability and those without. Gender is the only attainment gap yet to be addressed through University targets, though we see an ongoing trend of men getting more First class degrees in high numbers in some subjects. Rachel Dearlove and the attainment gap working group are meeting to set gender attainment targets and myself and the VP Access will be involved in this process.

We want to push not only for ambitious targets to close the gap, but also to make courses more diverse and inclusive. By making courses more welcoming for minority identities and getting the university to lead on setting targets for this we can ensure a more accessible environment for students. This will also improve the reputation of the university and improve access by enhancing the experience of different student groups.



As of the start of November, myself and Ray as VP Access and Academic Affairs have met with University staff as part of a gender attainment gap working group. We have collectively discussed this issue and will be confirming a target with measures to close the gap soon!