Who Are We?

We're your Students Union. Every matriculated student at Oxford university is a memebr of Oxford SU. Our purpose is to improve the overall experience for current and future students at the University of Oxford.

Oxford SU believes that the University of Oxford must lead the way in creating an environment where current and future students are governed by fairness; where everyone has an equal opportunity to flourish in their pursuit of education. We believe that education is the foundation for the future. The better the education, the better the future for all of us.

Being a student at the University of Oxford brings unique privileges, opportunities and challenges. Oxford SU is committed to empowering its students; we will ensure that their voice is listened to at every level of the University and is a catalyst for positive change. We embrace the entire student experience, from the grandly institutional to the intensely personal. We are entirely devoted to the wants and needs of all students, current and future.