The Survivor Anthology at Oxford University

Providing a space for the artistic expression of sexual violence survivors at Oxford University.

Project Lead

It Happens Here, the student-run sexual violence prevention and response campaign at the University of Oxford, has created a Student Union project to put together an anonymous publication compiling the responses of survivors of relationship abuse and sexual violence to their individual experiences. We accept nonfiction creative writing and essays, and artwork. We aim to publish everything from personal poetry to essays about self-empowerment to expressive paintings and drawings, so almost anything goes. We also accept and encourage pieces from advocates, allies, and active bystanders who have dedicated their time and resources to helping survivors. The purpose of the anthology is to provide an empowering outlet for creative expression, solidarity building, and awareness promotion in the university community. Those who submit retain full ownership of their work. All submissions will be published anonymously and treated confidentially. We aim to accept all submissions. The anthology will be published digitally on our website at the end of Trinity Term 2019. Feel free to contact It Happens Here via Facebook messenger ( or email with any questions or comments.