Tucker Drew

VP Access & Academic Affairs

Returning to Oxford: Residency Exemption Application

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We know many of you are concerned about returning to Oxford. This is why we’d like to highlight that the Proctors are still granting requests for both U.K. and International Students for individual exemption from the residency requirement and the SU can help assist your application. You can find information about applying for a residency exemption (phrased as “individual dispensation from residency”) here.


If you are concerned about returning, you can still apply even if you are unsure whether or not your application would be accepted. If you’re primarily concerned about your health or the health of your family members, we encourage you to cite that in your application for residency exemption. If your college does not approve your application for residency exemption for progression to the proctors, you can email enquiries@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk to discuss the appeals process and find out about any further support our advice team can offer.


The University will be providing remote arrangements, similar to those in Trinity term, for those who receive approval to reside outside of Oxford during Michaelmas. You can find more information about teaching in Michaelmas here: https://www.ox.ac.uk/coronavirus/students


If you have any specific individual concerns that you’d like to receive support on, please do not hesitate to contact the Oxford SU’s confidential, independent, and free advice service: advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk


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