While social distancing guidelines are still in place, all Student Council meetings during the 20/21 academic year will be held ONLINE on Microsoft Teams It may look and feel a little different, but we’ve worked hard to ensure all students can still have their voices heard, contribute items to the agenda, stand for election, hold SU officers to account, and continue to shape the work of Oxford SU.

So, here's how it works;

Step 1: Submitting agenda items

Agenda items can be many things: a motion to create policy, a motion to mandate an officer, a student project proposal, or a topic for general discussion. Any student may submit an agenda item by clicking the 'Submit an item' button below or in the timeline.

Step 2: Amendments

After the agenda has been published, at 5pm Friday 0th Week, all students are able to read through the items.

If you find an item which you would like to suggest a change to you can submit an amendment. Any student may submit an amendment by clicking the 'submit an amendment' button in the timeline by 10am Monday 1st Week.

Amendments will be sent to the proposer of the agenda item and they may choose to get in contact with you to discuss. By 5pm Monday 1st Week the proposer will have taken the amendment as either 'Friendly' or 'Hostile'.

Friendly means changes are immediate, hostile requires a vote to determine whether the changes will be made to the agenda item. Voting on amendments will be 19:30pm Tuesday - 10am Wednesday 1st Week and only Common Room delegates, SU Campaign delegates, Divisional Representatives, and SU Sabbatical Officers are able to vote.

Step 3: Reports and election nominations

SU Sabbatical Officers, Divisional Representatives, and SU Campaigns will all be submitting written, and where possible video, reports. These reports will be linked to the agenda below at 10am Monday 1st Week. Any student may ask questions about the reports during the virtual student council meeting at 17:30 Tuesday 1st Week.

The timetable for reports is shown in the table below

We still need Council roles! Nominations are open (see role descriptions below). Any student can nominate themselves for election by clicking the 'Nominate' button below or in the timeline. Never gone for one before? Now is probably the perfect time to try, so go ahead.

Nominations for elections in council will also be published in the agenda below at 10am Tuesday 5th Week. Any student may ask questions of the candidate by commenting the comment section of their nomination.

Step 4: Motions and Elections

Finally, 17:00pm Wednesday - 17:00pm on Thursday 1st Week voting for motions and elections will open. Only Common Room delegates, SU Campaign delegates, Divisional Representatives, and SU Sabbatical Officers are able to vote.

Elections in Council

We're looking for students to fill the following council roles. Nominations will close at 10am Monday 10th May (1st Week).

Rules Committee (x5) : Rules Committee is the University Committee which sets Regulations on all matters of student conduct. Currently the Committee has set Regulations on Societies, Sports, Publications, vandalism, trashing, and rowing on the river.

Alongside the 5 elected student members, the Committee’s membership includes the Senior Proctor, two Proctors-elect, two College Deans, a member of Congregation, and the Oxford SU Vice President Charities and Community.

You can find the full Terms of Reference for the Committee here and their current Regulations on student conduct here.

Once you've nominated, keep an eye on the elections page as you might have questions from students.




Minutes of the Previous Meeting

President Report


VP Access & Academic Affairs Report

VP Chairties & Community Report

VP Graduates Report

VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities Report

VP Women Report

Women's Campaign report

Class Act Campaign  report


Social Sciences Report PG

Social Sciencies Report UG

Rules Committee Candidate

Rules Committee Candidate

Rules Committee Candidate

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