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Sample Term Card Trinity 2020

Take a look at a sample term card from Oxford Psychedelic Society for Trinity Term 2020 (May-June 2020). We hosted a variety of speakers who talked about topics across psychedelia through different formatted events, including Psymposiums and single speaker lectures and talks. All events took place over Zoom due to lockdown restrictions. (Speakers included: Adam Knowles, Kerry Rowberry, Sam Gandy, Benjamin Mudge, Chris Timmermann, Anna Ermakova, Jules Evans and Thomas Hatsis)

ayahuasca, card, dmt, drugs, kambo, lecture, neuroscience, psychedelic, psychedelics, sample, talk, term, termcard

Uploaded by Clara Auer on 25 Jun 2020 - last update 25 Jun 2020 by Clara Auer.

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